About us

Andreas Meier

SONY DSCAndreas Meier is a lecturer and researcher of software engineering at Zurich University of Applied Sciences. He teaches classes on programming and software engineering both on the bachelor and the master level. Additionally, he is involved in a start-up company in the software industry. His special interests are agile methodologies and their positive influence on innovation, team spirit and software systems.
He and Martin Kropp introduced the Swiss Agile Study to deliver independent facts and figures to the interested public.



Martin Kropp

Martin KroppMartin Kropp is professor for Software Engineering at the Institute of Mobile and Distributed Systems at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland. He is in the research group Efficient Software Development which aims to develop concepts and tools to make software developers and software development teams more productive. His interests are in build automation, testing, refactoring and methodologies. His current main interest is especially on agile methodologies and tools supporting agile teams in their daily work and their collaboration. He is member of the management board of the Software Engineering Network, SWEN, member of CHOOSE and GI (German Informatics Society).
More about me on my personal homepage: http://www.kropp.ch/