About Swiss Agile Study

The largest independent study about software development methodologies in Switzerland

The Swiss Agile Study is a biannual survey about the state of software development in Switzerland. The survey is conducted by the University of Applied Sciences Zurich and the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland.

The goal of the study is to get an extensive overview of the application and distribution of software development methodologies and the application of software development practices in Switzerland. To get a complete overview, the study addresses all kinds of methods applied, either agile methodologies and plan-driven methods; so any IT company and IT professional is welcome to participate.

The Survey

The study consists actually of two surveys – one for IT professionals and one for IT companies.

The company survey is personalized for each company. Each company will receive a personal link to its survey. If you are interested in participating as a company send an email to info@swissagilestudy.ch or contact one of the study organizers.

The IT professional survey is an anonymous survey, any IT professional is welcome to participate.  Just start the survey by clicking on the button on the main page.

Who can participate

Any company in Switzerland that develops software in Switzerland can participate in the company survey.
 Any Software developer, Programmer, Tester, Project manager, or any other IT professional who develops software or work with IT projects in Switzerland.

With a target audience of more than 1500 companies and more than 5000 IT professionals, the study is the largest independent study in Switzerland on this topic.


The data will be handled with utmost confidentiality. The evaluation, carried out by the college institutes, is anonymous. If you are interested in receiving the results of the study, please enclose your email address in the survey.

Duration and Scope

The survey is in the form of an online questionnaire and takes about 10 minutes to complete. The questionnaire is in English. The survey will be active til the date mentioned on the survey page.


The project is executed in cooperation with the IT associations SwissICT and SWEN and is funded by the Hasler Foundation.


Thank you very much!

By participating you will help get a detailed overview of the state of Agile development in Switzerland.