Information about the current version

A new release of note for Max will be published soon. It is not recommended to start working with the old version, since the compatibility will be limited. However it is still available in the download section.

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About note for Max

The basic concept of note for Max is that of a classic MIDI sequencer: recording, editing and playing back control data.Its most obvious advantage over similar well known sequencer applications is its seamless integration into the Max programming environment as a native library of external objects. note provides  several GUI objects, a scripting interface and feedback for every interaction and therefore its functionality can be extended by common Max/MSP objects.

From the beginning of note’s development the emphasis has been put on achieving an aesthetic neutrality, meaning that note should not influence the composer’s style of composing. Therefore the arrangement and piano roll view of note have been designed as common and easy to use as possible in order to prevent an artistic affection of the composer or musician.

From a technical point of view note for Max can be considered as a multidimensional realtime database. Every region (i.e. sequence of events) in note represents a database. Every event represents another database itself and can hold floating point lists of arbitrary length plus text. In contrast to MIDI protocol note does not distinguish between note messages and control messages. Instead the library introduces freely assignable event types to distinguish between data, each customisable with its own properties.Note~ also sends and receives a sync signal, hence it is possible to synchronize note to the Max transport and to Max for Live or synchronize note objects among themselves which makes it very easy to create polyrhythmic structures.

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