Sounding Board

Members of the Sounding Board (alphabetical order)

  • Prof John Cook, expert in mobile learning in health settings, Metropolitan University London
  • Dr Rajeev Rao Eashwari, e-health specialist. Department of E-health, KwaZulu-Department of Health
  • Prof Norbert Pachler, founder of the London Mobile Learning Group, IOE, University of London
  • Prof Göran Petersson, Director eHealth Institute, Linnaeus University, Sweden
  • Steven Vosloo, Programme specialist in mobile learning, UNESCO.
  • Ass Prof Daniel Spikol, mobile learning specialist, Malmö University
  • Prof John Traxler, expert on mobile learning and development, University of Wolverhampton
  • Inge de Waard, expert in mobile learning and health, Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp
  • Dr Niall Winter, expert in mobile learning, development and health (and nursing), London Knowledge Lab


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