• Intervention training program on the use of mobile phones and social media for nurses/midwives and nurse educators
  • New learning and teaching concepts enhanced by social and mobile media
  • New and validated courses to support Advanced Midwifery education of rural nurses
  • Best practices based on the educational use of social and mobile media from the province KwaZulu-Natal
  • Guidelines including success factors of how to develop, implement and use mobile and social media for health education
  • Website to disseminate findings

Research deliverables

  • Conceptual models and frameworks including learning processes, influencing factors and outcomes
  • Manuscripts for 2-3 international peer-reviewed journals
  • Presentations for 2-3 international conferences

The results will be jointly elaborated using a mixed-method approach of qualitative and quantitative methods as well as action-research in order to enhance validity and practical impact. Deliverables will be fed back into practice and academia. An international sounding board that consists of leading experts in the field of mobile learning and health from across European and African universities and UNESCO will help to validate and spread the results on a global level.




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