ILIAS Plugins

On the basis of the detailed analysis (WP 1.2), a number of a plugins have been developed (in house and in cooperation), which are also provided to other interested partners.”

  • An ILIAS Plugin for SWITCHCast is readily available and can be downloaded here.
  • A Etherpad Lite Plugin is available and can be downloaded here.
  • A Etherpad Server is hosted at the University of Bern. The ILIAS of the University of Bern uses the Etherpad Lite Plugin on the productive installation. There is no piloting necessary.
  • We developed a new core-object for ILIAS 4.4: “Cloud Object” . Informations and further developments are available here.
  • A Dropbox Plugin for the new Cloud Object is available here.
  • An additional prototype of a Google Drive Plugin is developed. We will finish the Google Drive Plugin together with the Unibe-Cloud Plugin.
  • The IT-department of the University of Bern decides till end of 2013 which Cloud-solution they choose. After the decision, we will build and implement the cloud-solution for ILIAS.
  • The cloud solution is part of ILIAS 4.4. We plan to update our productive system in summer 2014.