Collaboration functions

Below you find the functions identified. For the individual weighing of the respective institutions please consider the table that has been created in WP1.2.

Synchronous content production
1 Work synchronously on texts
2 Work synchronously on spread sheets
3 Work synchronously on graphics/presentation
4 Advanced editing/formatting functions (like MS Word)
5 Import (copying in) common formats (word, xls, rtf, html…)
6 Visualization of current work sections of all contributors/authors
7 Chat
8 Audio
9 Videoconferencing
10 Annotation function (highlighting, or as comments or as chat)
11 Break out spaces’ for group work
12 Remote screen-sharing (1:n)
13 Export documents (copy) in common formats (word, xls rtf, pdf)
14 Polling function
Asynchronous document collaboration
15 Importing/using common formats (word, xls, rtf, html…)
16 Advanced editing/formatting functions (like MS Word)
17 Visualization of work sections of all contributors/authors
18 Automatic versioning of documents
19 Annotation function (highlighting, or as comments)
20 Track change function
21 Export documents in common formats (word, xls rtf, pdf)
22 Integration in local file systems (like Dropbox)
23 Document repository  integrated with other platforms (LMS, … )
Project management
24 Define tasks  (to-do list, what by when)
25 Define milestones (what, by when)
26 Connect tasks with milestones
27 Create automatic visualisation of Gant-chart
28 Assign tasks to group (members)
29 Integration of time/task management with email/calendar systems
30 Configurable alert/notification system (for example, email notification on update)
31 People directory
32 Mailing/communication list
33 Collaboration cockpit: show/evaluate completion of activities (tasks, deadlines etc.) as summary per group/ person/project
34 Configuration and sharing PM-templates
35 Exporting functions into common document standards (like Gant-chart, task-lists etc.)
36 Connect with other users (‘friend’)
37 Sharing of status messages
38 Follow others
39 Create profile (image/description)
40 Endorsement: specification of competence fields; confirmation by others
41 Profile templates
Rights & Roles, group management
42 Create workspaces (‘teachers’ and ‘students’ etc.)
43 Create groups (‘teachers’ and ‘students’ etc.)
44 Allow access for external people (e.g. project partners from other institutions)
45 Specification (restriction) of rights/roles per workspace
46 Specification (restriction) of rights/roles per document
47 Specification (restriction) of rights/roles per activity
48 Ease of use (intuitively, familiarity)
49 Easy to learn
50 Efficiency
51 Single account
52 Single sign on
53 High Performance: for examples speed of connection /upload large files
54 High Interoperability: Access on multiple devices (mobile, desktop) and platforms (Windows, Apple …) and browsers (firefox, IE)
55 High Scalability: increase number of users
56 Integration with other standards (rss, blog ..)
57 Flexibility: use for a wide range of purposes
58 Sustainable (e.g. exporting functions to common document standards, active community supporting the developing)
59 Security (…)
60 Legal aspects (automatic disclaimer after login, access restore usage data for appeal)
61 Labeling  (individual importance, task completion)
62 Recommendation/rating/tagging functions (by system/by user)
63 Exporting function to portfolio
64 Extended/advanced search
65 Group assessment/rating feature

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