Tool for self-evaluation

Following the link you find a tool that can help you in identifying adequate collaboration software. You can weigh a number of collaboration-requirements/functions regarding your (institution’s) priorities and the tool will provide you with specific ratings regarding the following software: Sharepoint, Projectplace, Basecamp, Mahara, Moodle, Elgg, Open Atrium2 and Buddypress.

 Here is a short instruction how it works:

  1. Evaluation Tool for Collaboration Software and open it with MS-Excel. Use a version that can handle xlsx format.image1
  2. Navigate to the spreadsheet “General”. Here you can see the software that we have rated, and the scales we used.
  3. In a next step go to spreadsheet “WEIGHT” and prioritize the functions regarding the needs of your institution: 4=must; 3=should; 2=could; 1=would; 0=no specification/no relevance
  4. In the spreadsheet “overview table” you can now see the results of your weighing imageaccording to the functional blocks
  5. In spreadsheet “Overview Graph” the results are visualized in a diagram.



PLEASE CONSIDER: the performance rating has been conducted by different raters and might contain bias. For this reason, we strongly recommend to study the qualitative performance ratings that can be found in the spreadsheets of the respective software, e.g. “sharepoint”, “Projectplace” etc.