2nd International Conference on Credit Analysis and Risk Management – Basel Workshop on Credit Risk

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IMG_1601September 5-6, 2013, Basel, Switzerland

On September 5 / 6, the 2nd International Conference on Credit Analysis and Risk Management – Basel Workshop on Credit Risk – was held in Basel, Switzerland.


Jointly organized by the Institute for Finance (IFF), School of Business, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland and the Universities of Basel, Hohenheim (Germany), Oakland (USA), Regensburg (Germany) and St. Gallen (Switzerland), the conference was deemed a great success and the ideal platform to expand the knowledge of credit analysis through discussion of both existing and new methods on the subject. In addition, the conference has revealed itself an important milestone towards establishing Basel as a widely recognized hub for latest research on credit risk-related topics.

In the course of the program, more than 70 international academics and practitioners gathered in Basel for two days to discuss latest academic research on topics such as ratings, regulation, relationship banking, and credit portfolio models. Various keynote speakers from the Financial Stability Board, the German Bundesbank, and other major financial institutions provided hands-on insights from a practitioner’s perspective.

Given the fast-paced environment of today’s global financial network, sophisticated but practicable models and effective regulation, alongside with well-wrought incentive schemes are more important than ever in order to address the currently imminent challenges. There is broad consent among all the participants that the recent and ongoing global financial crisis has exposed a weakness in credit analysis in the financial system. By encouraging the exchange of knowledge from multiple perspectives, the conference contributed to addressing these weaknesses and raising awareness for future challenges in the field of credit analysis and affiliated areas.


The conference was sponsored by Moody’s Analytics.

The detailed program and some impressions from the Conference.




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